Kerri Gonen, owner of The Pilates Center and proud Mom of 2, began studying Pilates in 1994. She trains local equestrians, dancers, golfers, Redskins, Mom’s before and after babies, and clients with far too many hours spent at the computer. She prides herself on the diversity of her clientele and the ability to address their ever changing needs. Kerri is one of the few in Northern VA who received certification from master trainer Romana Kryzanowska, one of Joseph Pilates' protégés, in 1997. Before acquiring The Pilates Center in 2004 , she spent 9 years teaching Pilates in the San Francisco Bay Area and opened her first studio, Bayside Pilates. Kerri taught Pilates for Body Kinetics, Golden Gate Pilates, The San Francisco Ballet, Merola Opera Company, Dean Ornish Retreat, Pixar Animation Film Studio and was selected as the Pilates personal trainer for Sharon Stone. Prior to Pilates, Kerri graduated from UNCSA and danced professionally with the North Carolina Dance Theatre and the Hungarian State Opera Ballet. She brings her many years of refining body movement in dance to her detailed eye for teaching today. She is grateful to have such a wonderful community of clients and teachers who value the quality of Authentic Pilates instruction @ The Pilates Center. Now in her 23rd year of a Pilates career, her passion in helping people achieve balance, freedom, strength and confidence continues to grow. The body is an amazing instrument that works non-stop for each of us, even with neglect. Giving people the tools to be more in control of their mind and bodies, to relieve pain and poor habits, to build focus and appreciation for what the body can do ,and to see clients empowered, is what keeps me teaching. Pilates is an amazing body of work that can assist us in living life to the fullest, and I have the pleasure of teaching it!

Pauline Lockard is a certified Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer and licensed Massage Therapist. She started her career in fitness with her undergraduate degree from Rutgers University and then taught concurrently group exercise classes while serving a full career in the military. She is a Specialist and Examiner for the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) conducting variety of certifications and workshops. She has travel throughout the country and overseas to present at various forums on topics Fitness and Self-Care. She is certified through Power Pilates, Balance Body and Performance Enhancement International (PHI) to instruct Pilates mat and apparatus for a complete and comprehensive session that is tailored to meet your fitness needs and personal goals.